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Hi! My name is Luis Hernandez and I am the founder of DynaClean Professional Services, L.L.C., headquartered in Temple, TX. I am the Central Texas area's carpet and upholstery cleaning professional, with experience since 1987. Through the years, I’ve learned that carpet cleaning is the subject of much confusion. In fact, people have so many misconceptions about carpet cleaning that I decided to build this website so that I could offer more information. Now, when you select a carpet cleaning company, you can make an informed and intelligent decision. During the last 20 years, I have completed many instructional courses in a variety of carpet cleaning areas. I hold the following certifications: Certified Environmental Inspector from the E.A.A. (Environmental Assessment Association); from the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Certification, Restoration, & Cleaning): Carpet Cleaning, Stain Resist Cleaning, Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning, Journeyman Cleaning Technician, Journeyman Restoration (fire & smoke), Water Damage & Water Damage Restoration,Odor Control, Color Repair, Carpet Repair, Master Cleaner, Master Restorator, Wool Safe Certified Operator, and Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor. In 1990, I was also among the 1st to receive Carpet Inspector status.

We focus on consumer education and dedicate our company to providing the consumer with the latest information, so the consumer can make an educated decision on choosing a carpet cleaning company.

DynaClean is sought out by the major carpet manufacturers such as Solutia, to provide service for their warranty customers. Providing service for the manufacturers requires expertise that most Carpet Cleaning Companies cannot provide.

DynaClean is always ready to assist the media in providing protection for consumers. They are part of a nationwide campaign to eliminate the bait-and-switch Carpet Cleaning Companies that prey on the uneducated.

5 Reasons To Choose DynaClean

There are five important values which distinguish a real carpet care professional from run-of-the-mill carpet cleaners: Reputation, Experience, Education, Systems, and Guarantee. In addition to these values DynaClean has a 12-step cleaning process for maximum soil removal, returning your carpet, as close as possible, to factory exit condition.

  • 1. Reputation
  • 2. Experience
  • 3. Education
  • 4. Systems
  • 5. Guarantee

Our Mission is: To provide the most outstanding service experience possible!

Our Purpose is to help the ladies and gentlemen of Cental Texas avoid uninformed, uneducated, and sometimes downright unscupulous service companies. 

Ziglar Legacy

It is estimated that Zig Ziglar touched over 250 million lives. As a Ziglar Legacy Certified Professional I have made a personal commitment to continue teaching the Ziglar Legacy.

I have made it my personal and professional mission to promote the Ziglar Legacy as the most effective, balanced, and proven system for achieving true success in life.

We were all meant to succeed. We were all Born To Win.

Through countless presentations and publications for over 40 years, Zig Ziglar has communicated the perspectives, the knowledge, and the systems for achieving everything you want in life, by helping others achieve what they want in life.

My Ziglar Legacy Certification is your proof that I have been educated in the Ziglar approach to achieving success in life. In fact, I have been certified by the Ziglar Corporation as possessing the proven information, inspiration, and motivation to help others become the winners they were born to be. My passion for serving others has taken me all over the globe in order to share proven philosophies and strategies on goal setting, leadership, team building, cultivating and maintaining successful relationships, and how to be the best YOU!

I also know without doubt, that you were meant to achieve success in all areas of your life; your personal life, your career, your business, your family, and your community. Contact me and let’s work together to help you achieve everything you want in life.

Safe Kids

DynaClean Professional  Services, LLC is a proud Charter Member for Safe Kids Mid-Texas.  Safe Kids is a non-profit coalition that brings together community organizations, educators, health and safety experts, government agencies, corporations, foundations and volunteers to educate and protect our families.  Our local coalition is part of a global network dedicated to the prevention of childhood injury through education, advocacy, enforcement and environmental changes.

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KRYH Radio

DynaClean is also an official sponsor of  KRYH  LP-FM Radio headquartered at DynaClean in Temple,Texas. KRYH radio is a proud affiliate of 3ABN Network that is streaming worldwide that is known as the “Mending Broken People Network,” producing programming that reaches people where they hurt, offering real answers from God’s Word, and spiritual nourishment to help them grow. Each hour of every day, the radio channel offer sound biblical preaching and teaching, as well as the best guidance on a wide range of health and family topics. In addition, 3ABN provides programs that especially target the needs of urban audiences, including Christian money management, parenting, and ex-offender rehabilitation. All this, plus uplifting music, live event coverage, and children’s programming, helps in proclaiming the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14:6–12.